Dec Scraptherapy | day 4

Day four hasn’t been especially festive, but then I’m not sure the whole of the month can be!

So today’s pages are a jumble of everyday scraps alongside little reminders to myself to slow it all down a bit.

On the left hand page we have notes, receipts and a snipping from my first Christmas card.

Rev. Fish and I went out for coffee mid-morning, so I’ve included the receipt from the cafe and a little note about how much I adore him (aw).

I’ve popped a few buttons in a bag in this corner…

I painted onto some packaging for this extra page… I love the interest little transparent elements like this give my books.

And on the right page is a piccie of me in my favourite jumper – it’s as close as I’ll get to wearing a Christmas jumper anyway!

I’m wondering how big this book will be when I’m done!

I toyed with idea of swapping out the rings for bigger ones, but I do like all my books to match.


2 thoughts on “Dec Scraptherapy | day 4

  1. This is my first year to try December daily. But our life is so “daily” with only punctuations of festivity… so I am using a list of prompts that are more general and I started collecting photos in November b/c we held “Thanks-mas” this year due to our daughter’s pregnancy. I gathered some layout ideas from Pinterest, but am being careful to resist comparisons 😉

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  2. Suse Fish

    Wow, all such good ideas. I like to watch other people’s ways of doing this project but I make sure that I don’t compare… we each create differently and that’s what makes it fun!

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