Our Christmas decs

Okay, so the tree’s been pulled over by adventurous cats twice now. I’m losing my festive sense of humour somewhat…

But as I piled them all back on this morning, I thought I’d take a few snaps to show you how we decorate our house for Christmas.

We use the exact same stuff each year and it’s very simple, but it’s also very ‘us’. 

Kitty especially likes to see the same beloved things come out of the box each year (*whispers* as do I!)

Kitts hung some baubles from the seaglass decoration above our dining table – they look fab!

She also swapped out our candles for rice-filled sock snowmen. I know better than to try and put them back…

The fur babies  – past and current – have not been forgotten…

… and any plans I had for a tasteful centrepiece have been shot to pieces!

Kitty’s bedroom tree is looking super-stylish however (I suspect this lass has a future in interiors styling…)

And even Babs is getting in the festive mood! She certainly seems to have a nice box of treats waiting for her under the tree…

4 thoughts on “Our Christmas decs

      1. Suse Fish

        Of course! Can’t forget the fur twins! Though the sachets of treats I’ve bought to go in them don’t quite fit… :/


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