Dec Scraptherapy | day 3

Day 3 of my December scraptherapy book was about our visit to Kitty’s school Christmas fair… always a fun festive time!

My left hand page was made on a paper bag that some veggies came in.

I added a party invite (hope I don’t need to check it for details!) and a couple of bits of ephemera from the fair.

I added a little pocket sleeve to make a sequin shaker pocket.

I love the look of the odd transparent page in amongst all the other textures.

On the reverse is a picture of some hot chocolate, as we made ourselves some when we got back.

As I get all my pictures for each month printed in advance, it’s really just a case of rifling through until I find something loosely relevant to each day!

My right hand page was made on an advert for Ariana Grande’s perfumes… there’s something about perfume ads that just screams Christmas to me, even though I never buy any!

I painted and texture-pasted over the top to knock it back a bit, then added my photo and a little hand stitching.

I’m really enjoying this month’s book – it’s already proving worth it’s weight in gold for it’s ‘introvert decompression time’ qualities!