Easy Faithscrappers meets

Well: my favourite ladies have just gone home after a lovely time of sticking and sharing. This group is really special to me and I’m so glad I started it.

Here’s what makes it super-simple to run…

I don’t over-think what our verse will be.

Sometimes, I just google a positive word, like ‘loved’ or ‘blessed,’ and see what results come up.

Sometimes – like today – I shoot up a quick prayer minutes before people arrive and wait to see if a verse is dropped into my head.

I’m surprised by how often something comes to me!

The ladies pay a pound per session which keeps it cost-free for me

It’s surprising how quickly the pounds add up and how many sheets of ‘cut-apart’-style papers I can buy for the group from that money.

It’s all thrown into two big tubs which sit in the middle of the table, then we all dig in.

Our soundtrack is a free playlist on Spotify called ‘Hymns Ancient and New’, so there’s no worries about DJ-ing, when you want to be chatting.

We start each session by quietly listening to one song, just so that we can still our souls and remember that God is with us.

The scrapbooking itself doesn’t need to be impressive or complicated – in fact, I tell my ladies that it’s not really about the cutting and sticking at all.

It’s about being together and sharing lives… there’s great comfort in knowing you’re not alone in your struggles.

We don’t share our work at the end and not everyone works in Bibles: some prefer little sketch books.

It’s a very low-stress way of creating… sometimes, people just want to fussy-cut and drink tea and that’s totally fine.

There are no technique or product demos, beyond helping anyone who doesn’t yet know how to use a stamping block.

It’s about each person responding to the verse in whatever way they want to – but often the results are very beautiful, because they’re so heartfelt.

We changed the time of our meetings to an afternoon as it suited me much better than an evening. 

Finding a slot that works for you as group leader is key, I think.

And I never cancel a meeting: even if there are only two of us, we carry on as normal and it’s just a different kind of vibe.

As an introvert, I find the smaller meetings take more out of me, but I do love them for the chance we get to really confide and share.

If you have any questions about starting your own faithscrappers group, please don’t hesitate to ask!

6 thoughts on “Easy Faithscrappers meets

  1. Suse Fish

    Yes! It’s so good for me and such a little haven… we’re really starting to bond and become a close little unit 🙂 xx


  2. Renneke

    Hi Suse, I have been asked by my church to host something like a biblejournaling evening, I remembered that you also made a YouTube video about it. Is that video still available on your YouTube channel? With love Renneke

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  3. Oh, how wonderful, Renneke! First of all: don’t panic… if I can do it, anyone can, seriously 🙂

    I looked through all my videos (I’ve made a whole load of them unlisted, just because they felt so poorly made!) but I can’t spot the one you mentioned.

    But I did find two blog posts under the ‘spirituality’ tag… hope these are helpful and do let me know if you have any specific questions that I can help you with!




  4. Renneke

    Hi Suse, I am sorry for my very late reply!
    I have just had a meeting with my minister and its getting real! In the fall I am going to give three introduction workshops Bible journaling and if all goes well then I start in januari 2020 with a series of workshops in my Church! I am so exited! There will be a budget available and I am going to check out the space we are going to use, make some posters and post on social media about it. Thank you for being such a big inspiration, it is you that inspired this!!
    With love, Renneke

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  5. Oh, this is wonderful news, Renneke! How exciting. I’m so happy that your minister and church are on board – that will help a lot.

    If ever you need any more info or advice, know that I’m here, but for right now: go you, friend! xxx


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