Dec 18 process | Wrap up warm

Ah, just too much fun: my first scraptherapy spread decorated with my own goodies! 

These little crafting sessions really are therapy for my soul.

Just sitting at my desk and looking at all the pretty, has me starting to exhale!

Today’s page was about how Mittens loves to snuggle up whenever I’m catching up on youtube process videos.

My little scrap cat!

I hope you enjoy watching the process: working with my own designs for the first time was certainly a proud moment for me!

8 thoughts on “Dec 18 process | Wrap up warm

  1. Suse,

    May I just take a moment and tell you what I think? I think you are a kind, authentic person. I think you’re wholesome and good. I think if you lived close to me, I’d want to hang out with you! I think you’re generous, even though you’ve mentioned you’re on a tight budget. I think you’re sweet and I love the relationship it looks like you have with your daughter.
    I hope you’re happy with the level of sharing that you’re doing now. I hope you’ve found your sweet spot for social media interaction because I’d miss you if you leave again.
    I love the idea of an Etsy shop. It allows some of us to give back to you. (I hope you’ll make a little money on it) I can’t wait to start using my Suse Fish designed elements!
    So that’s my 2 cents. Thought you’d like to know.
    Tina J.

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  2. Suse Fish

    Oh, Tina, this means so much to me – thank you.
    Just earlier, I was praying about how all this feels slightly uncomfortable – being out here, while being so ‘me’ – and I felt God remind me that it’s when we show up just as we are, that He can use us.
    I had the idea of the Holy Spirit blowing his gentle breeze through my brokenness… which is kind of wow!
    So if me being me is helping anyone in any way, then my goodness – let’s show up and be real!
    Thank you sincerely for writing this, Tina: you’ve encouraged me more than you can know. xxx

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  3. Suse Fish

    Oh good! That is so good to hear! I felt there was a problem for me, in that I wanted to make everyday, but the amount of supplies I’d need to do that really added up.
    It was when Kitty started creating too that I thought, “Hmm: we almost need an ‘entry level’ kit here!” 🙂 xxx


  4. Suse Fish

    Ooh, Tiffany, you must message me your address! I want to send you a little treat to say thank you for being such a wonderful ambassador on your channel! I showed my hubby your pages and he said, “Oh yeah: wow!” xxx


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