My weekly planner


We decided early on that we would try and live a little more simply – no holidays, basic clothing, etc – so that we could live on one monthly wage and I could stay at home and be a homemaker (I prefer that to housewife!)

I love it, I must admit. But the strange thing about being your own boss when it comes to time, is that your week can lack structure.

Enter my little weekly planner…


I thrive on structure, so like to know exactly what needs doing on each day.

Using favourite puffy stickers is fun too (until your day at the thrift store changes and you have to peel them up!)


I’ve got a more detailed version in the utility room…


… and this general one on the kitchen memo board.


Kitty likes moving this cute little Felicity Jane paperclip to change the days!


For me, it’s a super pretty way of seeing my week laid out so that nothing gets forgotten and I feel a little more purposeful.

Plus, the bathroom actually gets cleaned…

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