She’s crafty

You guys, I’m a little out of control. I need to stop playing with Procreate and do something – anything – else!

Seriously: we’re running out of clean clothes to wear over here.

So yeah, oops: mini collection number 2, ‘She’s Crafty’ will be going live in my Etsy shop in the next few days along with December’s ‘Wrap Up Warm.’

It’s about scrapbooking and how we girls kind of adore it (understatement of the century). It seemed a natural next thing to create about!

I don’t know why I drew a milkshake with a donut on the straw…

I’ve never once had anything more exotic to drink than a cup of coffee while scrapbooking, but wow: a crafty snack like that would be pretty cool!

Anyway: now I really need to stop. Aside from the laundry mountain, I have a craft fair tomorrow to prepare for… 

So much crafty goodness! Life is good.

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