Everyday make-up


Now I’m no beauty expert by any means.

But I do have middle-aged, rosacea-ed skin that I’ve learnt how to work with… here’s my little ‘all the time’ make-up routine.


I wear make-up everyday – because I just feel better with it.

It’s not complicated or involved and my products rarely change: ‘if it ‘aint broke, don’t fix it’ is my motto!


I’ve always suffered from rosacea but it seems to have lessened significantly since I cut down on wheat and dairy products. When it gets bad, I go to the doctors for a prescription for Soolantra, which works like a charm.

I love Revlon products for their ability to give a natural look, while also giving the full coverage that my rosiness needs.


After a little Bourjois blush, I like to focus solely on my eyes. I line the tops of my lids with a liner, then pile on the mascara.

I’m happy with slightly cheaper Rimmel products for these jobs.


A little Vaseline on my lips (I look terrible in lipstick and always get it all over my teeth) and that’s me done!

How about you? What are your favourite beauty products? Be sure to let me know!