Around here

Loving | the teddy Kitts made at school: isn’t it the cutest thing ever? Her teacher is a Canadian crafter who makes her own shoes apparently – wow!

Buying | little bits from Poundland. Which is called Dealz over here, incidentally – it’s the Irish part of the chain (where they don’t have pounds…)

I needed another set of number stickers, as I underestimated how many ‘2’s would be required when numbering my December scraptherapy pages (a surprising amount!)

Enjoying | the little plant one of my new friends here gifted me with, when she came for coffee last week

Drinking | Redbush tea, as it’s caffeine free.

Though I must admit that when we run out and I switch back to normal, it’s happy sighs all round

Designing | my dream planner… it’s kind of the love-child of a Felicity Jane ‘Note to Self’ binder and Heidi Swapp’s ‘Color Fresh’ planner.

And yes, mine does come with a pleather strawberry charm. Though it might actually be patent.

Salvaging | this sunshine yellow pic from the dump – I loved it before I even realised it lights up!

Reading | ‘I Quit Sugar’ by Sarah Wilson which was on the shelves of my thrift shop.

Only now I’m reading it, I’m not sure I do.

Making | A super cute cover for my December scraptherapy book.

Yes, that’s how chunky my foundation pages are. Yes, I know we’re still in November…

6 thoughts on “Around here

    1. Suse Fish

      You’re so kind, Anastasia, and I’m glad you’re enjoying them. I am writing the posts for me, but also to ‘share me’… it feels good to say, ‘this is me!’ and know that there are folks who accept and even enjoy who I am. It’s what I miss most about Instagram, actually xxx

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    1. Suse Fish

      Ha ha, I’m sorry – that word has a few meanings, right? On the island, we have a recycling centre where you can take your boxes, bottles etc. They also have a warehouse type section where people can just leave things they no longer want – books, cupboards, kids’ stuff etc – and you’re free to help yourself to anything. It’s brilliant and I’ve picked up loads of goodies there. They often just need a good wash 🙂

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