Winter self-care tips

Ugh, this time of year! It may just be on our little island, but it feels like some days the sun’s barely coming out at all.

Here are my little tips for keeping happy, even when the weather sucks…

One: be nice to yourself

We girls are not always the best at the positive self-talk.

Keep an ear on how you talk to yourself internally and make sure it’s as gentle, forgiving and kind as it would be to someone you love dearly.

Two: it’s okay to hide

It’s worth remembering the saying about putting on your oxygen mask before trying to help other people.

Sometimes we need to tuck ourselves away for some restorative ‘me-time’ in order to do all the stuff we need to do.

Three: adjust the noise settings

If online stuff is shouting too loudly and staying on top of it all is wearing you out, try limiting it for a bit.

And if too much bad news is getting you down, find a light-hearted podcast, programme or youtube channel to get you smiling instead.

Four: get outside

Just a little walk around the block can really lift your mood.

Try popping in your earbuds and taking yourself on a wander on your lunch break: you’ll return in a much more positive place, I promise.

Five: eat and sleep well

I can almost hear my mum’s voice now:

“Oh love, it’s not the end of the world: you just need to eat something good then go to bed.”

And you know what? She was right: things always looked better after a bowl of porridge and a good night’s sleep!

Six: tell God about it

You don’t need to use any fancy words to talk to God.

Try grabbing a journalling card and writing a few simple words about how you’re feeling: He’s always right there for you, friend.

7 thoughts on “Winter self-care tips

  1. Suse Fish

    Oh, I’m sorry to hear that, Doodle – I’ll be saying a prayer for you this morning that things feel much brighter soon. Sending so much love to you xxx


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