Cute bauble upcycle


Aw, how cute! This sweet bauble upcycle is perfect to do with the kiddos… here’s how.


Track down some cheap baubles in a charity shop; mine were 20p each.


Start by painting your baubles white – you may need a few coats.


Hang them up to dry in between coats.


Next grab some black acrylic paint.

If you fancy experimenting, as Kitty and I did, you’ll also need a pencil with an eraser end, a stencil and some gold sticky stars.


My favourite is this spotty one!


The striped one worked out okay…


… and the gold start one is super cute. It may need a coat of varnish to keep the stars in place!


I added ribbon bows, yellow buttons and painted the strings pink (try not to get pink paint all over your ribbons, like I did!)

Super cute though, eh? And for 60p, not bad at all.

2 thoughts on “Cute bauble upcycle

  1. Susan Brochu

    I think you made more than these cute ornaments – you made some pretty sweet memories, too! When my daughters were young, I bought a small and very inexpensive tree and we made ornaments for it together. They were very simple crafts but my now-adult daughters still talk about those ornaments (which have survived pretty well over the years and will adorn their own trees this year.)

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  2. Suse Fish

    Oh, what a lovely comment Susan, thank you. Yes, the times spent crafting with our young family members are really very precious xxx


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