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Hi friends! Today I thought I’d share a little page with you and show you how I worked on it in stages.

Let’s go!

I started with my favourite Felicity Jane heart stencil and some modelling paste.

When that had dried, I sloshed over lots of watery paint in my favourite shade of blue.

I used a heart shaped label as a template to cut hearts out of a paper bag. I love the crinkly, imperfect texture!

Next came my usual trick of layering up pretty papers behind my photo.

I like a really light, bright look, so often choose subtle black and white papers as layering pieces.

Next it was time to start popping everything down onto my page.

I love how the hearts aren’t pure white, so they add a little something to my page without shouting too loudly.

At this stage, I grabbed my sewing bits and stitched around one of them too, just for some extra interest.

And here’s the finished page! Lots of hearts, lots of my favourite blue and lots of found items.

As well as the paper bag hearts, we’ve got the tag from my new winter coat, some plastic doilly (from a cake we bought at a church sale) and some waxy cheese wrapping. 

Thanks so much for joining me today!

4 thoughts on “Scraptherapy | Beautiful

  1. I love your style it’s always muted allowing the photos to take center stage. I was going to say simple, but you manage to pull off that look with lots of interesting elements. I love the trick with the paper bag. I am a college student so my budget is limited and I have learned over the years that I like that. I like being forced to work with what I have, takes the pressure off and I do get stuff done. There’s now waiting to save a photo for the right paper or embellishment.

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  2. Suse Fish

    You know, I love your comment Auror, because it makes me realise that I like having less to work with too! I often envy the girls who have beautiful kits to work with each month, but I think with more product comes a little more pressure to make something perfect. When you’re working with a paper bag, it really doesn’t matter how crazy experiments turn out, lol 😉 xxx

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  3. Ali Moore

    I agree! If I had it to do all over again, I would seriously limit my stash. I find that I’m overwhelmed with product rather than inspired by it.

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  4. Suse Fish

    I always used to find my first DT layout with a kit club kit wasn’t my best as I was intimidated by so much lovely choice! A wonderful ‘problem’ to have, mind you 😉

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