December Scraptherapy prep

December is such a busy month! My scrapbooking this month needs to be super-simple and very enjoyable. 

Here’s how I keep it manageable…

Look our for free printables! This one’s from Ali Edwards.

I like to get my December scraptherapy book roughly in shape before the month starts.

I pop in all my papers and make a start on base coats of any mixed media, just so that when each day comes, all I need to do is add any memorabilia, embellishments, stamping and journalling.

I like my scraptherapy pages to be tactile and layered… so it helps to build up my backgrounds in stages so that things can dry. 

I keep things white and bright by working on an 80/20 ratio of white or neutral elements to colour pops. Working this way really helps give a fresh, pretty feel to the final book.

The strange thing about the way I work, is that I get photos printed via the freeprints app, which means I can’t work with current photos.

So I get a batch of festive/homely images printed and then pick the ones that most closely match the feel of what I’m journalling about.

As my journalling is more how I’m feeling than what we did, this works out just fine.

I will also make any cute elements like shaker pockets or stitched envelopes ahead of time.

Then my scrap time each day can be all about getting my feelings down and really having some quality ‘me-time’, without worrying so much about pretty end results.

Any stitching for my December album can be done ahead too – I find it really relaxing to sit with some embroidery when we’re watching TV together as a family.

Another tip when you’re working with a small stash or are on a limited budget, is to snip out your embellishments on their plastic backing and spread them through your book ahead of time – either physically sticking them down, or paper clipping them to your page corners.

This ensures that there’s a nice spread throughout your book and all the cute stuff isn’t used up in the first few pages!

Huge thanks to Kellie Winnell for this beaut!

December scraptherapy for me, needs to be a time of escape from all the activity and sociability and not another task I need to get done.

So my way of working is to keep it very simple, very quick and have very low expectations of how immaculate or impressive the end result will be.

For me, Christmas is never perfect, whatever sweet little picture-perfect dreams I have in my head! But isn’t the imperfect, scruffy reality way more precious anyway?