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How to document a really bad day… coming right up!



My pic for this page was a shot of me ‘modelling’ my new-to-me thrift shop top. But I thought the photo matched my ‘terrible day’ story really well, as my pose looks kind of fed up!

I’m in my favourite jeans here; I’m desperately trying to find another pair, as these are about to fall apart. I like longer length jeans, so that they trail on the ground and get that scruffy frayed look!

For this kind of shot, I set the camera to auto, focus on the sofa, then rush into roughly the right spot so that I’m in focus too, ten seconds later.



This page is documenting the story of – as Douglas Coupland would say – an ’emotional ketchup burst’. You know, those times when you’ve been bottling everything up for so long, that something was bound to give sooner or later?

I’ve yet to sit and write my journalling, so that little piece of note paper is currently blank – but not for long! I just need a few minutes alone to try and work through my thoughts.



I love die-cuts like this Felicity Jane ‘not today’ that address the bad times as well as the good. They just help tell the full story, don’t they?


I added a bag of tissue paper circles behind my photo to represent all the emotion that was being bottled up.

Perhaps I should have arranged them bursting out of the bag!

This page was super-simple and didn’t take long to put together; but that’s the joy of this process – it can be easily slotted into the busyness of daily life.

Plus, I find it super helpful to work through what happened and think about what steps I can take to handle things differently next time.