Easy festive table


At Christmas, I enjoy making use of the things we already own, but like to throw it all together in a very relaxed, fun way.

Here’s how I plan to style our table for the festive period…


You won’t be at all surprised to learn that my festive colour palette never changes… and of course, it matches the rest of our home.

Well, I figured I’d never go off it that way!

The only new additions this year, are the pink tree from Hema (£2 – couldn’t resist it) and the thrifted tablecloth (50p)


To get this look, I started by popping a string of twinkly lights down the middle of the table.


I added a candle in the middle (also Hema) surrounded by seaside treasures.

I’m not sure it’s terribly Christmassy, but hey, we’re a coastal family now!


Then I pretty much upended our decorations box onto the table.

Well, okay, I wasn’t quite that careless, but it really wasn’t all that far off!


Loads of our decorations are made by me and Kitty.

I really love the handmade look and think glitter pine cones and kiddy decorations are beyond charming.

How do you plan to dress your festive table this year? What will your colour scheme be?

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