Cute craft trolleys

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I wanted a pretty craft trolley for like, ever – until I had one of course, when, in true Suse-style, I decided I wasn’t all that bothered and gave it to the daughter.

But anyway. As it’s Black Friday tomorrow, I thought we’d have a little shopping post


Here’s the trolley I got from Hobbycraft.

It’s gorgeous – can’t fault it – I was just a bit miffed that they reduced the price by half pretty much the day after I bought it. Grr.

Anyway: it’s a fab holder for all of the little lady’s bedtime essentials… teddies, diaries, magazines and… what is that? A pineapple squishie?

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The original Raskog from Ikea got us all trolley-mad in the first place, of course.

We’ve never had it in mint green in the UK – just a deep teal colour – but this white one is very pretty.

They’re kind of pricey though…?

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This little beaut from Craftelier caught my eye… how pretty is that?

I want to serve tea and scones on it. It’s not a bad price either.


But! With my current set-up and minimalist stash, a trolley is the last thing I need.

I will, however, be having a wee peek at the Felicity Jane shop when tomorrow rolls around; just for research purposes, you understand.

How about you? Do you have a favourite storage trolley? Which Black Friday deals are you planning on checking out? 

10 thoughts on “Cute craft trolleys

  1. I use my Raskog cart to hold my travelers notebook and planner supplies or a current scraplift so I can craft or plan in front of the TV with hubby. We also have one in the pantry with coffee and tea supplies to roll out to the kitchen. I love how you used one as a side table in Kitty’s room 💜

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  2. I have a Raskog. I don’t really roll it around, I just like the look of it and the tiered organization. And it’s the turquoise one, which matches my room.

    Also, I’ve had the FJ Black Friday page open in a tab on my browser since Jeana shared the link on IG…no shame! 😂

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  3. Suse Fish

    Oh, you are so funny! I think you and I would be very good ‘in real life’ friends – my daughter is always telling me what to do when it comes to tech!

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