Thrifty scraptherapy tips


One of the lovely things about scraptherapy, is quite how cheap it is to do.

Sure, you can dig into your stash and make it really quite gorgeous with all the proper bits, but it can also be done on a really tight budget.

Here are my tips…


No binders required

Scraptherapy books can of course go in binders or planners, but they can also just be bundles of pages held together with binder rings.

You can also use any sort of paper at all  – but you may want to reinforce your rings to avoid them tearing if the paper is on the thin side.


Paint your own patterned papers! 

It’s fun and creative and you can really express yourself. If you stick to colours you love and keep things abstract, I don’t think you can go wrong.


Use an alpha stamp set instead of letter stickers

Find a font you like and it will give your books a nice sense of unity.


Find product outside of scrapbooking stores

I’ve often found really cute bits in the pound shops – way cheaper than ‘genuine’ product.


Use watercolour paint to splatter, instead of inks and mists

You’ve got every colour right there in your palette – and if it’s not, you can probably mix it!

Tester pots of emulsion paint from the d.i.y shop can be watered down nicely too.


Look for papers you can fussy-cut into die-cuts

One 90p sheet of scrapbooking paper can go a long way if you find a design that features lots of little elements: it’s definitely the way to go for die-cuts.


Use scrapbooking packaging in your project

It’s always so beautifully designed and will look lovely in your little book.

My favourite is obviously the graphic look of Felicity Jane dots and scallops, but I’ll use anything at all (so long as it’s in ‘my’ colours!)


Be on the look out for other pretty packaging

This cupcake treat bag was so ‘me’ that I grabbed a pack of six!

Paper bags from the supermarket and cute coffee cups can also become nice features of a project.


Don’t rule out anything as possible scraptherapy ‘fodder’ 

The peachy flowers on this page were once a paper shopping bag; the cream and gold flower on top was on a birthday card.

I’m not sure where the pearl heart and lace scrap came from, but I know I didn’t buy them!


Make good use of magazines

It can be so therapeutic just to sit and snip… hold on to magazines and catalogues, so you have pretty pictures when you need them for a mood board or collage.


Visit haberdashery shops

You can often find ribbons, lace scraps, tulle, buttons and trim that will look beautiful in your pages.


Make use of your stamps

They can be a great way to create a beautiful background and once you’ve invested in them, they are yours to keep using for as long as you have ink!


Other thrifty ideas include…

  • table confetti
  • titles cut from magazines
  • nail polish ‘enamel dots’
  • plastic beads melted in the oven
  • shapes cut from templates: bows, envelopes, etc
  • wrapping paper, menus, business cards, ‘found’ items
  • using the freeprints app for your photo printing
  • following the search: ‘craft room clearout’ on eBay
  • investing in digital kits
  • sticking to a tight colour scheme so that everything matches

6 thoughts on “Thrifty scraptherapy tips

  1. I love all of your tips. Monica at ScrapbookSundays uses a regular 3 ring binder for her 8.5×11 layouts and I have done that. I scrap in a very simple style for family layouts. I would say Elsie Larson in my inspiration in that regards. For layouts for myself and that are scraptherapy, I have managed to find 3 ring binders that are a tad smaller than an 6×8 (around 3 US dollars) that even have page protectors with them (I cut down the baseball card 8.5×11 ones as well). You have been by inspiration for that book. I highly recommend checking out the school supply section, but I do know we are in different countries.

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  2. Suse Fish

    Hey, thanks so much for this lovely comment, Auror! I love your tips. I’m always aware that my projects could look a lot more polished with more ‘proper’ materials, but when you want to create everyday, it’s not really an option.
    I’m happy to use more non-scrap product (the school supplies suggestion is great!) if it means I can make lots and often! Thanks again xxx


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