Sweet scruffy crackers


Sweet, scruffy, crackers – no, these aren’t words describing me.

They’re mine and Kitts’ latest little ‘getting stupidly excited for Christmas’ project… start saving those loo roll tubes now!


The thing I don’t like about shop-bought Christmas crackers, is that they’re a pricey purchase for what will almost certainly end up in the bin.

My version aren’t terribly tidy (and I didn’t source poppers, so they don’t do much) but they are almost entirely ‘pull-apart and use it in December’s scraptherapy’ (apart from the loo roll tubes maybe!)


I wanted to fill our crackers with treats that we’d like and use, so I went on a fun shopping trip to the pound shop for cute little bits.

I’m kidding myself that the ice-cream tree decoration is mine. Of course, we all know whose little tree that will end up going on…


I started by loosely wrapping the treats in pretty tissue paper that I’d saved from a Hey Little Magpie purchase.


Next, I tucked the treats into the loo rolls, along with a couple of foil-covered chocolate sprouts (it had to be done!)


I added some confetti (to make a pretty mess of the Christmas Day table)…


… and some jokes chosen with Kitty’s sense of humour in mind.


I loosely wrapped each tube in tissue paper and secured it with some washi.


I tied the ends with ribbon, then added a doilly and each person’s initial on a pretty disc of paper.


And there we go! Incredibly simple, but you know what? Life is just too short to be bothering with perfection.

There are too many other fun things to make!

4 thoughts on “Sweet scruffy crackers

  1. Anastasia Anastasiadi

    Do chocolate sprouts have brussel sprouts? why would eat them if yes? (it’s first time I see this and I googled it and now I’m confused:)
    Your crackers look lovely.

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  2. Suse Fish

    Ah yes, sorry: perhaps a reference that only Brits would understand! Brussels sprouts are an important part of our Christmas meal. They’ve become such a ‘thing’ that you can now buy chocolate versions wrapped in green foil!

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