Letting it all out


“I cryin’, Nanny!” 

I remember my mum telling me the story of my niece when she was very small.

I’m not sure if she’d just been told off or if she’d bashed into something, but my mum thought it was sweetly sad the way Ella felt the need to point out the obvious, as if Nanny couldn’t already tell from the fat tears and streaming snot.


I recently heard the story of a lady trying to vacuum her house, only the machine wasn’t picking up any dust. She repeatedly pushed and shoved the thing around her carpet, but nothing seemed to make a difference.

It was only when she noticed that the bag was full to bursting and needed changing, that the machine worked properly again.


Sometimes life fills us up. 

Sometimes we hoover up our disappointments and fears. We pack away our true feelings under clouds of courage and bravery. We ‘suck it up’ till we’re at bursting point.

And when it all gets too much and we finally erupt? Whoa, what a mess!


But we need to be real and we need to regularly let it all out.

Even when we don’t understand our feelings. And even when voicing them makes us feel uncomfortably vulnerable, because it’s all just such an embarrassing mess.


We can turn our tear-stained faces to God, right in the middle of all the chaos and pain, and – like my little niece – point out: “I cryin’, God!”

Because He’s been there all along – His compassionate Father heart has known and shared all we’ve been dealing with on every single step of our journeys.

And like all the best Grandparents, He’s always ready to pull us onto His lap and comfort us, until there are small smiles and giggles again.