Jars are my jam


Jars: am I the only one who thinks they’re just the most gorgeous things ever?

Such an awesome purchase: you get a scrummy korma dinner and a free storage container thrown in.


This one got the full seaglass treatment…


… while this one got a more sedate collar of seaglass and a string bowtie.


Kitts and I had a go at adding paint to the insides of these… not sure how they’ll turn out, but it was fun to swirl them around and watch them drip.


I couldn’t resist snipping up some pretty vintage beads at the craft fair…


… to make this cutie.

I’ve not yet worked out how you get rid of the little wisps of glue-gun glue, but it’s still mouthwatering.


Jam jars, how I love you!

In fact, the only thing I may love more is milk bottles, but they make you give those back.


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