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I know I’m not the only one getting more than a little excited for their December scrapbooking…


In other news, pocket money is being spent on these little cuties.

I’m secretly rather pleased, as I plan to keep the entire collection for myself when she grows out of it (shh: our secret).


Creamy soup is being consumed… this one was butternut squash and parsnip and I made it myself. Smug mummy moment.


I picked up this Allison Pearson novel at the dump. I’m really enjoying her entertaining take on family life in the social media age.

I’m also collecting The Princess Diaries series from charity shops for Kitts (see Sylvanian Families ‘also for me’ plan above).

Screenshot 2018-11-11 at 11 Nov 17.37.36

I’m lapping up the Sweet Valley Diaries podcast: clever, witty and just so much fun, it’s a light-hearted (yet surprisingly thought provoking!) trip down memory lane.

Hot Clam Special at the Dairi Burger, anyone?


Kitts is making these little cuties, ready for festive decor time.

She’s just into making full-stop at the moment (just wish she were also into tidying up all the spilt rice grains after said making sessions!)


So overall, pretty exhausting stuff this week, chez-Fish… lol.

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    The picture of the Sweet Valley High book really takes me back! I had a huge collection of them, but my parents gave them all away! I would love to have them again to share with my daughter. I’m really enjoying your posts on your blog! I’ve now ordered the cosmic shimmer & can’t wait to play!

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  2. Suse Fish

    Yay for the Wakefield Twins! Well, you know what Em, I had the exact same idea: share the joy with my daughter… but give the podcast a listen – it’s surprising quite how appallingly dated the author’s thinking was! :/ Thanks for your comment & enjoy the shimmery joy! xxx


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