Kitty’s scrapbooks


I started keeping scrapbooks of Kitty’s work when she started school… we now have three albums and they are well-thumbed family favourites!

Here’s a little peek inside…


The albums themselves are from Hobbycraft.

They weren’t at all expensive (£5 each, I think?) and have held up pretty well, considering how often they’re looked at.


We pop *a lot* into each book! But they fit beautifully in an Ikea cube unit, so are no trouble to store.


I started the first album because Kitty brought so much home from school each term.

I’m a bit of a minimalist, so really disliked the idea of keeping box-fulls of books and artwork.


So with this system, I pick out our favourite pieces (or a couple of pages from each school book) then put the rest in the recycling bin.

I know – that sounds heartless, but it works for us.


I like to get Kitty to contribute to the books at certain points… it’s fun to see how her handwriting and thoughts change over the years.


In my Design Team days, the pages were rather beautifully embellished!


Lots of photos go in these books too.


I’m so glad I kept scraps like this that make me smile!

“No Mummys allowed to open this envelope – only Dads.” Not sure what I’d done wrong that day!


It’s lovely to see how her artistic skills have developed over the years.


Sometimes I’ll combine her artwork with my mixed media experiments…


… but most of the time these days, the genius is all hers!


It’s making me so happy to see her scrapbooking skills develop – we’re actually at the point now where her layouts are going into proper page protectors in an album of her own.

Watch out in ten years time, Felicity Jane!


My favourite thing about these books is how treasured and comforted they clearly make Kitty feel.

She’ll often choose to flip through her books at bedtime or when she’s feeling a little low.

Scraptherapy for small people!

4 thoughts on “Kitty’s scrapbooks

  1. I have kept small stashes of school projects that I, my husband and children made. Seeing what you’ve done, I think I’ll combine them into one album with four sections that can be separated later, if need be. And I really like that you’ve added photos of Kitty. I am always wondering what to do with those school photos we all end up with, and now I am inspired to add them in! TFS!

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  2. Suse Fish

    Ah, that sounds brilliant! How great that you’ve kept your school projects too – those must be wonderful to look through 🙂


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