Design Team time?


I’ve applied for several Design Teams over the years: some I’ve got on, others I haven’t. I’ve had companies invite me onto teams where I’ve accepted without a second’s thought, and others where the timing hasn’t been quite right.

Here are my thoughts on when it might be the right time to consider applying to be on a team…


One: you are making all day long anyway because the creativity is just bubbling out of you

If you have the energy and your timetable allows for it, being on a Design Team can be a rich and rewarding hobby. Your creativity can be channeled in a very clear direction: here’s this month’s goodies – now go make. Super fun!


Two: scrapbooking is your world

If you’re already joyously immersed in all things scrappy and adore the whole community, joining a team can be a great move. You not only meet crazily talented creatives, but you often become really good friends too.


Three: you want to push your creativity

Being on a team is a challenge – not only do you need to create great projects, but you need to photograph them well, present a good online image and have lots of fresh ideas. You need to be brave enough to try new things and play with materials in new ways. It’s challenging – but in the best possible way.


Four: you’d like papercrafting to be a side-hustle or career

Making a team can be a great way to get noticed in the industry and to grow a following – which, if you fancy turning your hobby into your job, can be a very wise move.

Create consistently, do your very best work and be a nice person… then listen out for what you suspect your role in the industry may be.


Five: you just adore the products and would be making with them anyway

It’s a no-brainer really: if you adore the style of a certain kit club or manufacturer and already buy their stuff, it makes good sense to work for them and get the kit for free.

A common misconception is that Design Team members have heaps of product left over each month, but I’d add a word of caution here: it very much depends on how prolific you are, so being in it for the goodies alone may not work out so well.

Thrifty scrappers should also bear in mind how easy it is to add ‘a few little extras’ to your monthly kit!


Six: you feel terrified to apply, but deep down know you really want to

Don’t ever let fear of failure hold you back from trying something. Unless it’s the packaging technique – I still maintain that I would totally screw that one up.

Seeing all the pretty faces on the black and white team announcement grid without you is beyond horrible, but you do bounce back, I promise.


And finally… when maybe not to apply for a Design Team:

  • You’re on so many teams that you need to keep an eye out for burn-out
  • You crave others’ approval
  • You are already bogged under with busyness
  • You think it might rob you of creative joy
  • You’re at a vulnerable stage where a rejection would be wounding
  • You don’t like attention or being online
  • You don’t adore the company’s product

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  1. I have already participated in creative teams, not international brands like you, but I did not like the pace, with my work and transportation to get there (2:30 per day), there was more fun so I gave up, but I do not regret !!

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