What I believe


I always joke that the longer I walk this faith road, the less I’m sure about: the black and white answers get fewer, as the grey-area questions increase.

But that’s okay.

Here are a few faith-related things that I do feel pretty convinced about.


God loves all His kids regardless of *anything*

I used to think the Jesus of the Bible seemed a bit mean. To the ten year-old me, he just didn’t sound very cuddly – always having a go at people and being cross.

Now I see that he was having a go at people who didn’t love other people very well.

I hope a time is coming when we can love indiscriminately. That we can put down ‘clobber texts’ and see each other how God sees us: as precious, holy, beautiful creations.

To me, the Bible needs to be handled a little more carefully, as it’s not just any old text book on how to live.

God speaks through it, without doubt, but it’s also written within an ancient context where times were very different. Very often, Biblical teachings that seem strange and even outrageous to us, are actually moving those ancient cultures on in their thinking – tiny step by tiny step – to a more humane way of existing.

And it’s always towards love.


Jesus brings joy and peace like nothing else can

When I was going through a bit of a health scare a year or so ago, I kept recalling the words of author Rob Bell: “It’s okay, even if it’s not.”

Because with faith, comes a deep, beautiful peace that I’ve just not found anywhere else.

Even when the road gets really rocky – or perhaps even especially when the road gets rocky – God’s Holy Spirit is there to comfort and reassure us, because even the end is never the end with Him.


We each have something to bring to the world

Do you remember that quote, “I have within me a flame that will not be smothered”? I have a feeling that the very point of our lives is to fan that flame: to be the most full versions of us that we can be.

I believe that we each have something beautiful to offer and when we find that sweet spot, we should run towards it as if our lives depended on it!

Because that seed of creativity and passion is God-given. And He is delighted when we delight in the incredible gift He gives: the gift of having breath in our lungs and a fresh start every single morning.

What a gift!

5 thoughts on “What I believe

  1. Suse Fish

    Yes, and I think when so much of the faith-based side of our industry is very evangelical, I felt I wanted to share where I’m at and it’s possibly quite a different place. xx

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  2. aztam1

    It’s very hard to reconcile a judgmental evangelical appropriation of Jesus’ teachings. He was trying to teach another way of life than the strict laws. To teach loving your neighbor while respecting God as well. There is more to living ‘in the way’ than black and white dismissive judgments. Thanks for the positivity.

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