Online negativity


I was once described in an online scrapbooking forum as, “1000% pretentious.”

It’s okay: I wasn’t overly bothered. It’s only when words get close to the truth that they sting.


Though perhaps they were right: my obsession with colour-co-ordinated everything could point to pretension, who knows? I’m not totally sure I know what the word even means.

1000% clueless? Very possibly.


But isn’t it annoying how easily we recall the harsh words over the positive ones?

For some reason, we give much more weight to the three piddling youtube thumbs-downs, than the one hundred thumbs-ups we receive – they just seem to shout louder.

Is it because we secretly suspect that we’re rubbish and those negative views echo our deepest suspicions? Or is it that we don’t understand why people might not be kind, when all we’re doing is showing up and trying to be real?

I worry that it’s soon going to take a very brave soul to put themselves out there at all.


I once looked at the comments on a facebook photo of an incredibly beautiful TV presenter and was appalled: every part of her appearance was ripped to shreds. Other than leaping to the obvious ‘jealousy’ and ‘hurt people hurt people’ conclusions, I was baffled as to where that depth of negativity might come from.

It’s a shame we girls don’t support each other more. It’s a shame that we can’t cheer each other on on our own individual paths, because we’re all ultimately on the same team, aren’t we?


It takes determination and maturity to handle online negativity properly. But it’s important that any negativity is put straight back in it’s place.

Any harsh words written about you online do not belong in your world and you should battle not to let them anywhere near your heart. Because true or not, the person doesn’t really know you and their words have no place affecting you in any way.


If something tough needs to be said to you, it should come from someone you respect, who knows you well and is speaking from a place of love and genuine care for your well-being.

And of course, the reality of who we are is determined solely by the One who made us.

Only He gets to say what we are and what we are not, and He whispers relentlessly that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. He delights in His precious creations and cheers us on with the proud abandon of a parent on Sports Day.


Girls, my advice? Keep well away from all the negativity: no one tells you who you are, other than God himself. Trust me: ignorance of any online nonsense makes for a far happier day!

Work at remembering whose you are: take any lingering hurts to your loving Father, say a forgiving prayer, then let Him have the last word on any matters relating to your worth.

Then prepare to straighten that tiara, princess, because I know for a fact that His word says that you rock.

8 thoughts on “Online negativity

  1. I dislike that dislike button on Youtube. I know it’s there for the algorithm, but I still think it’s unnecessary. People hate on the most oddest of things, it completely baffles me. I’m in the “if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all” camp. If something’s not my particular cup of tea I just move on. I don’t understand why anyone has to voice that they hate this or that, esp. on the internet!

    There’s a Youtuber I follow who simply deletes every nasty comment left on her channel to keep her space free of negativity and I so admire that. She reads the thing once then hits delete and doesn’t think twice. It’s her space and she’s in control and I think it’s so awesome.

    “We are fearfully and wonderfully made” — my mother says that all the time that when I read that line I heard her voice! XD But it’s SO true. He’s the only one in the end who gets to say who we are and who we are not. And he loves us with all our faults anyway.

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  2. Bronwyn Petzer

    Your creativity, willinngness and bravery to share your personal thoughts, experiences, photos and faith with the world is inspirational. You are so much to many.We know that wiith strong faith comes negativity in an attempt to foster self doubt. Keep doing what you’re doing…rooting for you always

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  3. Laura Rahel Crosby

    Is this why you’ve been offline for so long and turned YouTube comments off? I’ve missed you and was so pleased to have lots new videos of yours to watch this week ❤ I miss interacting with you though! Hope all is well in your nook of the world!

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  4. Suse Fish

    I miss interacting with you too, Laura! I watch all your videos though 🙂 No, I’ve turned off youtube comments to avoid getting sucked into my usual obsession over needing likes and praise, lol xx


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