Mood board fun


One of my favourite things to do in my scraptherapy books is to make a little mood board from old magazines.

Cutting and sticking: so simple, but so much fun!


Start with a stack of old magazines, your scissors and a glue stick.

You’ll also need a blank white page from your scraptherapy book and a scrap piece on which to glue on.


Flip through the magazines and tear out any images that appeal to you.

It’s quite interesting to try and turn off your brain a little and just see what grabs you!


Start to stick your images onto a plain white background, starting with the biggest pieces first.


Use the littler pieces to overlap any unwanted text.

Mix up your colours on the page so that it looks varied and appealing… and that’s it!

One happy half an hour later and you have two pages of gorgeousness to pop into your little book.

2 thoughts on “Mood board fun

  1. Suse Fish

    I think it’s good for us sometimes to just play and remember how much fun it is to cut and stick, without all those ‘this needs to look good…’ voices xx

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