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Today I’m sharing the first in a new series of posts I’ll be writing from time to time, called pic | page | process. 

I always think it’s interesting to hear the process and thoughts behind people’s work, so I thought it might be fun to pick one of my scraptherapy pages and pick it apart a little.



I’m a firm believer in taking a selfie whenever you feel remotely good about yourself. This was a good hair day for me, in that I’d actually washed it, though I had used some sort of heat protecting cream that left it feeling all crunchy.

I’ve learnt from experience that there’s a spot in our (very well lit) kitchen-diner where I still look like the me I think I am in my head, and not the budding Mother Gothel of reality. That’s why you’ll always see me sitting at that end of the room, wrinkles bleached into (almost) nothingness! Oh dear… (you wait, you peachy-skinned Millennials: you’ll get there too).

I like my pink cord jacket, though the pink is a little on the warm side… it looks prettier to my mind when I make my photos cooler – which I always do when I edit them anyway.



I’m sharing this page first because I love it. It’s clean and fresh and yet there’s some mixed media in there and some truly stunning product – more on that in a mo.

I love how the aqua alphas pop and I love the hit of striped paper.

I’m pleased with the top cluster too, which was a total afterthought when I started thinking about titles.

This page probably took about 20 minutes in all and reflects everything that I love about scraptherapy: you can play with all the stuff, get all your day’s ponderings down and still have time to get downstairs to make the dinner.



I started with this texture paste – I love it so much! Have a look at the glossy, almost plastic texture it gives…


The mint green paint is from a tester pot from our local DIY shop. I wish now that I’d done a few splatters too, but I hadn’t actually set up my water jar for this page, so just used the little brush that came attached to the lid.


These Crate Paper ‘month’ frames are one of my all time favourites. They just add so much… ooh, I don’t know what it is, but it’s gorgeous and reminds me of calendars and stationery shops and all good things.


I was so happy with this little cluster! The ‘beautiful’ just sits there so prettily. These are both Felicity Jane, if you weren’t sure (just assume everything I use is Felicity Jane, unless told otherwise, lol).


I used this ‘unique’ piece to cover the black ‘preaching’ sign my hubby has on the wall for his youtube videos. I like that it picks up the pink in my jacket and that it says something so positive, that I might not naturally apply to myself.


The journalling is about things I’m learning right now. The most important for me, is the possibility that right now might be just fine. As a naturally dissatisfied, always striving creative, I’m forever pushing to see how far things can go, but it’s been good for me to remind myself recently that what I have right now is pretty  * good! 

6 thoughts on “pic | page | process

  1. Susan Brochu

    I enjoyed hearing more about your thoughts as you put together a page. And I love your comment about “the me I think I am in my head” – so true!

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  2. Bethany Collins Hardy

    I am a Pastor’s wife in Indiana and I SO enjoy seeing your projects and watching your videos. Thank you for not only sharing your obvious talents but your heart and insights as well. I am always uplifted after reading or watching.

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  3. Suse Fish

    Ha ha, yes! I don’t know about you, Susan, but I still feel about 17 inside… I’m always surprised when people refer to me as a ‘lady’ 😉 Thanks for your sweet comment! xxx

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  4. Anastasia Anastasiadi

    I always wonder about other scrapbookers process and thoughts when they are making their projects – and when they share it it’s a bit like seeing a world through someone else’s eyes. Always interesting.
    (Ditto for “the me I think I am in my head” – I wish that girl would appear more often.)

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