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I was just out on a walk listening to Episode 53 of the That Sounds Fun podcast about Enneagram types*. And as I listened, I started wondering if our types might be reflected in our scrappy styles and choices… all complete guesses and just for fun, but see what you think!


Type 1: The Perfectionist

Core fear: being wrong/bad, loud inner critic
Core desire: to be the good boy or girl
Core weakness: resentment, anger
Message they long to hear: “You are good.”

Possible scrap style:
Ones might create immaculate, perfect, intricate pages that take lots of time. They might enjoy adding lots of stitching, mixed media and/or backed cut-files. Very well organised, they probably have gorgeous craft spaces where items in are neatly boxed, in colour order and carefully labelled. Ones might well be the crafters whose work and scrap rooms we salivate over on Pinterest!

Ones are great to have on Design Teams as they will knock their layouts out of the park every single time and never miss a deadline!


Type 2: The Helper
Core fear: being worthless, needy, inconsequential, not being loved
Core desire: wanting to be loved, appreciated
Core weakness: denying own needs to help others
Message they long to hear:
You are wanted for just being you.”

Possible scrap style:
Perhaps Twos are among those who provide content for us all to enjoy. Perhaps they host facebook groups where they care for others in the community or perhaps they design their own products. Twos might easily get run down, as they’re continually putting others needs before their own. Perhaps Twos are among those who especially good at Random Acts of Kindness, as they take so much delight in making others happy. They might be especially vocal in facebook groups when another crafter needs practical recommendations or encouragement.

Twos are beautiful, gentle people to have in your world!


Type 3: The Performer
Core fear: Failing, being incompetent, worthless, not appearing successful
Core desire: to be respected, admired, valuable, have status
Core weakness: Deceit: they deceive themselves that they are only the image they present to others
Message they long to hear: You are loved and valued for just being you.”

Possible scrap style:
Scrappy Threes are probably our highly successful trend and industry leaders, who work hard on their careers, image and status. They post content (or put out product) regularly and carefully monitor what content is most appreciated. They create polished content across all their platforms, giving attention to the smallest details to create a flawless image. Perhaps some Threes are our kit club owners, product designers and scrappy heroes.

Scrappy threes are truly inspiring people to look up to!


Type 4: The Romantic
Core fear: being mundane, emotionally inadequate, flawed, not having a significant influence or identity
Core desire: to be unique, special & authentic
Core weakness: envy: something is missing in them, so they envy others, as they seem complete
Message they long to hear:
“You are seen for who you are: special and unique.”

Possible scrap style:
Scrappy Fours like to be quirky, so create in a slightly different way to others (scraptherapy!). They focus on having a strong visual identity and always need to show up authentically. They like to think they’re different from others, so keep a close eye on what everyone else is making and are quick to get a bit envious. Perhaps a Four’s scrap space is unconventional or highly decorated: either way, it’s all very intentional. Fours might not like using tools that give predictable results and perhaps instead prefer tearing papers and splattering their inks to see what the result will be.

Fours are interesting sorts who will always do things differently!


Type 5: The Investigator
Core fear: being ignorant, invaded, incapable, having obligations put on them
Core desire: to be capable and competent
Core weakness: avarice
Message they long to hear: “Your needs are not a problem.”

Possible scrap style:
Fives need time and space alone, so perhaps wouldn’t enjoy crops. Very focussed, they work well alone – perhaps their craft room is their nest and true escape from the world. Inventive, imaginative and clever, they think outside of the box with their craft work. Fives are observers: perhaps they follow scrap industry news from the sidelines, but don’t put out too much content themselves.

Fives might just be our uber-clever scrap product designers!


Type 6: The Loyalist
Core fear: fear itself, being without support, being abandoned
Core desire: to have security and support
Core weakness: anxiety and angst
Message they long to hear: “You will not be abandoned.”

Possible scrap style:
Careful and measured, Sixes are great at doing things well and following instructions. They can help fix issues with products and give good feedback.  Sixes have an ‘internal committee’ so don’t always trust their own judgements. They might create more carefully and slowly and enjoy taking classes where they have external guidance in their work. Sixes might enjoy the structure of pocket page scrapbooking and using tools that create predictable and neat end results.

Sixes have a great sense of humour and are good at following tasks, so make wonderful people to have at events and classes.


Type 7: The Enthusiast

Core fear: being deprived, facing pain, being bored or missing out on fun
Core desire: to be happy and fully satisfied
Core weakness: gluttony: the desire to be filled with experiences to avoid emotional pain
Message they long to hear: “You will be taken care of.”

Possible scrap style:
All the experiences, all the products, all the fun! Sevens might have exciting craft rooms, go to all the crops and conventions (even host them) and are probably in all the facebook groups. They adore the joy and fun of December Daily and love joining in with all the projects. They enjoy trying all the latest products and trying out trends, but they might also move on to the next fun thing quickly, so perhaps feel a little guilt over under-used items. Sevens are super fun to be around: the Tiggers of the world, their enthusiasm is infectious, so would make superb sales people at craft events.

Sevens lift the energy in a room, so are natural leaders and party-starters.


Type 8: The Challenger

Core fear: being weak, powerless, harmed, controlled
Core desire: to protect themselves (& others) from injustice
Core weakness: lust or excess: the intensity for power & control
Message they long to hear: “You will not be betrayed.”

Possible scrap style: 
Eights might make good scrappy guides as their focus is to make things better. They might appear to be lacking in vulnerability, but that’s because they’ve been betrayed, so they have developed a protective armour. Perhaps it’s eights who are vocal (possibly appearing blunt?) in facebook groups about industry injustices and kit club issues. Eights probably know what they like and what they don’t, which might take away a lot of the guesswork when it comes to choosing product to work with. Their craft room might be functional, as they have bigger issues on their minds. Eights ‘plough paths’ for others, so they are great at standing up for others online.

Eights get things done, and as they are strong and powerful, it could be that they are quite prolific workers when it comes to their craft projects.


Type 9: The Peacemaker

Core fear: conflict, being shut out, overlooked, inharmonious relationships
Core desire: inner stability and peace of mind: “Why can’t we all just get along?”
Core weakness: sloth
Message they long to hear: “Your presence matters.”

Possible scrap style:
Go with the flow! Maybe Nines can’t exactly pinpoint their own scrapbooking style, but they’re happy to merge with others and stay in the comfort zone of whatever is currently popular. They probably enjoy crops and getting involved with the whole scrapbooking community as they love being part of a bigger crowd. Stubborn, yet accommodating, Nines don’t actually like being told what to do, so perhaps stick to a way of doing things that’s always worked for them.

Nines would be great to have at events, as they always want to smooth things over and for everyone to be happy and at peace.

* I am a total beginner when it comes to all this Enneagram stuff, but it does really interest me as I’ve found it so spot-on personally. For more info on the Enneagram, I’d recommend reading ‘The Road Back to You’ (Cron & Stabile)

4 thoughts on “The scrappy Enneagram

  1. KK

    I enjoyed reading this – having part read and discussed Enneagrams a la Richard Rohr with a friend. I have to be different and not fit into any category, of course, lol. Yet, I would love to – now which one does that make me????

    Very interesting read 😉


    Cath x

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  2. Suse Fish

    Ah, thanks so much for this comment, Cath, very kind of you. I did a few tests online and got different results that didn’t seem quite right, then read ‘The Road Back to You’ and one type clearly fitted me: and it was the one that made me feel quite uncomfortable, ha ha.
    I hope you find your type, as it can be so helpful to see why you respond to things the way you do and what choices can make you even healthier. Sending love xxx


  3. Suse Fish

    Oh yes, me too. I’m a four with a 3 wing – so part individualist and part performer. But total introvert, so probably not one to thrive in a huge crowd.

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