Cute notebook diy


I’ll be honest: sometimes when I fancy something available in the scrap world, but my budget won’t quite stretch that far, I come up with a little copycat d.i.y.

This post may or may not be one of those occasions *coughs*


It’s quite ridiculous: I don’t even have a use for these notebooks. But I did love the Felicity Jane ‘Lola’ papers and like having pretty little things dotted around my craft room.

So – and it’s super simple – start with some standard notebooks and your chosen papers.


Trim your papers to just a little bit bigger than your books (you can trim off the excess later – it’s better that they’re too big than too small).

Fold each piece in half.


Pop loads of bits of double-sided tape onto the covers and spine of your books (spray glue might work okay too).

Line up your spine with the centre fold, then stick your paper to the book.


I like the simple look, but you could add a ribbon book mark or any kind of embellishment or charm.

Super-simple and look at me: down with all you TN kids. Well, kinda-sorta.

3 thoughts on “Cute notebook diy

  1. Super sweet notebooks! I’ve been in love with notebooks since childhood (especially an American type called a composition book). Since discovering TNs, I’ve started making my own so I can include pretty papers and decorate the covers to match my purpose. “Practical pretty” is part of scrap therapy for me!

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  2. Suse Fish

    Oh, those notebooks sound so wonderful – do you include patterned papers inside the book, like Studio Calico do, or just on the covers? xxx


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