Secrets of great kiddy art


If you have a little person in your world and fancy something totally cute to brighten up the walls of your home, here are my tips for getting fabulous results…


Our home is covered in Kitty’s artwork because I genuinely love each piece.

Seriously: I wouldn’t trade these pieces for ‘proper’ expensive art.


We have some simple pages taped over our bed…


… and whole walls featuring her work.

Here’s how to get results that you’ll love.


Tip 1: invest in tester pots of emulsion paint in your favourite colours, then limit the child to using only these and make sure there’s no mixing.


Tip 2: find out what the child is already good at drawing – in our case, cats, obviously!


Tip 3: guide the process heavily, eg: “Now paint the top of the ice cream in this colour – stop now, that’s great; now do me a daisy over here in this colour…”


Tip 4: limiting the child to one colour of paint and whole sheet of A4 paper can bring nice results.

Just suggest things for them to paint and keep the process moving quickly, so nothing gets over-worked.

Then just pick your favourites to frame when they’re dry.


Tip 5: working on a large scale (outside on the patio can be a good idea!) is always fun for kids; balance their artistic freedom with a close guiding eye so nothing gets sludgy.

Don’t forget to get them to sign the piece and put their age on it: it’s so lovely to look back and marvel at how clever they were (in your eyes!) at such a young age.

ps: these techniques are for artwork for your home: in general when it comes to kiddy art, I’m entirely hands-off when it comes to guidance!