Recent scraptherapy pages


For me, it’s my very favourite part of the day.

Even if the day started badly – anyone else have those mornings where you need to pray the darkness away? – by the time I’m tucked away in my craft room, making something that says a little something about the day that’s just been, I’m all smiles again.


I love how tactile these little books become as they grow. I like all the little bits peeking out and the childlike ‘scrapbookiness’ of them.


Forgive me if I share pages you’ve already seen… even to me, they start to blend into one, lol.


We went to B&Q that day. I can’t help but wonder how many people take home paint charts for their actual purpose.


Lots of my pages are just about appreciating the simple everyday. I guess because a lot of days are much like any other, aren’t they?

But there’s always something to be grateful for, or something funny to note down.


I’m crushing on pockets and envelopes at the moment.

In fact, it’s all I can do not to order some fancy punchboard tool from We R Memory Keepers, but so far I’m resisting and cutting things out by hand.


A page about daydreams of a complete set of freshly laundered towels… I don’t think it will ever happen!


And a page about why I love volunteering at the charity shop.

I spotted these Tupperware beakers there the other week and snapped them up – they were the exact type we used to drink our squash from as kids: happy days.


Some days I just have time to write on a tag and make it a little bit pretty…


… and on some days, I don’t even have time for writing!


But I make up for it on others. I’m not sure about the yellow paint in this one, but it’s always good to play.


I like this page: little pockets made from my favourite waxy paper and the foam pouch that one of Kitty’s pocket money toys came in.


I’ve not worked out yet how my mood is reflected in the pages I create; I have a feeling there’s a link. Perhaps on tidy days like this, I’m craving order and control?

Be sure to link me to your blog, especially if you make scraptherapy books! I’d love to follow you.


6 thoughts on “Recent scraptherapy pages

  1. Suse Fish

    Ah, thank you, dear Susan! I’ve enjoyed following your work via blogs recently 🙂 Yes – the pink one was my favourite too xxx


  2. Love these pages!! And forgive me for commenting away on your posts today. I’ve been away from all internet things for a week, so I’m just catching up on everything I’ve missed! I love coming home from a trip to all the wonderful inspiration. Really helps with the jet lag! 😀

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  3. Suse Fish

    You’re so kind, Tiffany! I love your comments and love the scraptherapy pages you did in your Felicity Jane planner – those have been very inspiring to me, as you made your pages look so beautiful. xx


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