White stuff


As you know, I do love some white in my scrapbooking! To my mind, working on a 90/10 white/colour ratio always gives a beautifully bright and fresh end result.

Here are some of my favourite white elements to use in my scraptherapy projects…


Glassine bags and rolls of crepe paper are both cheap and easy to come by on eBay. They give great texture and look super pretty… plus, those bags are awesome if you need a spot to hide your journalling.


Coffee cups, bus tickets and receipts all find their way into my books. I love looking back and seeing in a snapshot how my life looked at different points.

And I have no standards when it comes to ‘found items’ (ie, trash). I’ve been known to stick pale leaves, feathers and even other people’s litter into my books if they’re pretty and neutral!


Doilies are great for adding prettiness to a cluster and tags are my absolute favourite go-to for journalling spots. They look fab tucked into glassine bags or pockets made from pretty papers.

I also like to journal on invoice papers from the stationery store or on sheets from little notepads.


Envelopes of different sizes – used or new – look fab in scraptherapy books, as do pages made from vellum.

It’s great to mix up the textures in your books, so look out for white paper bags, plastic packaging and – my very favourite of all – that waxy paper that fancy cheese comes wrapped in!

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