Me right now



Super-girly Bible journalling pages with my Faithscrappers ladies today.



My ‘Happy Day’ Felicity Jane alpha on eBay!



A seal in the bay! I won’t tell you how zoomed in this photo is, lol.



A new-to-me stripey £4 top: cute.



M&S cake tins from the dump – a whizz in the dishwasher and they were good to go.



Our year’s Christmas bauble… Kitty picks one out every year, and I must say, Miss 2018 is looking very stylish indeed.



My favourite snack bar – but with added crispy bits.



Kitty to keep up her latest crafting hobby: making these gorgeous tissue paper pom-poms.



Ali’s free email subscriber printable – I’d put one in every room, planner and project if I could. Oh, I already have.



This week’s choice of egg box colour – Suse blue!

9 thoughts on “Me right now

  1. Lor

    Lovely!! I have to admit I still have those alphabets, new in the package, never been touched! One day soon….. I didn’t even know how to scrapbook at the time but I bought the kit you designed!!

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  2. Vicky Shipman

    Hi Suze, this isn’t a comment but I couldn’t find another way to get in touch! Whenever I log into this page I keep getting weird spammy pop up ads telling me that I’ve won a phone or whatever. Just thought you should know so you can perhaps review your advertising links, it’s happened a few times and although I’d love to be one of the 50 UK winners each day I don’t think it’s legit 🙂

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  3. Suse Fish

    Oh dear! That is rubbish. I am sorry about that… I’ll have a word with the fella and see if I can’t host my own site again so the ads disappear completely. Thanks so much for letting me know, Vicky, that’s so useful xx


  4. Suse Fish

    Hey again Vicky – I’ve upgraded my blog to lose the ads, so if you could let me know if they still continue, that would be so helpful. Thanks again! xx


  5. Vicky Shipman

    No weird ads now – much better thanks 🙂 Noone minds a few appropriate ads though so please don’t lose out on some extra stash money by cutting them altogether…..

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  6. Suse Fish

    Yay! I’m glad the ads have gone, that’s fab. Thank you so much for pointing that out – I’d have had no idea otherwise, so it’s been really valuable to have you tell me xx


  7. Laura Rahel Crosby

    Your photographs make your life look so aesthetically pleasing and peaceful. ❤ So glad you seem to have found your peace on the island! I remember when you were struggling with the move, and to see where you are now, it is incredible.

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  8. Suse Fish

    Ah, you’re so lovely Laura, thank you. We did go through a very tough time just before moving here and I think it’s taken until about now for me to completely heal and properly ‘unknot’. xxx


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