My dinky planner


I’ve tried a few planner options and styles, but the one I always come back to is a dinky pocket-sized filofax that fits in my backpack and isn’t too heavy to carry.


I struggled to find one in the colour-way that I wanted (you know me and those spots!), so I d.i.y-ed it, adding cute little clips and other embellishments throughout.

I wanted a book that was practical, but really pretty and very ‘me’.

Most of the journalling cards and embellishments are Felicity Jane favourites that make me happy each time I look at them.

I’ve crammed in so many, that it’s actually quite a chunky little thing, but I love to leaf through it in a quiet moment and find it somehow comforting to always have a little scrapbook of sorts with me (goodness, true scrap issues here!)


As you can see, my pages are not in any way pretty or neat, and get thrown away the minute the week has passed, so this isn’t a keepsake by any stretch.

But it’s functional and helps me to remember the things I need to, so I save the prettiness for the pages in between.


I love having a little notebook with me wherever I go and use this planner for sermon notes, cafe thoughts, blog post ideas and every kind of list!

How about you? What planner system are you currently loving? Do you use yours for memory keeping or purely for noting engagements (or somewhere in between)?

10 thoughts on “My dinky planner

  1. I like my classic Happy Planner for the same “cute + Zen” factor that you enjoy in personalizing your Filofax. It’s a cross between a journal, scrapbook and planner for me. But I have found it to be expensive and not portable so I am moving to a TN sized planner (only for plans + notes). Journaling and memory keeping will be separate. I had fun with the HP for three years but now enjoy making my own TNs more 😃.

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  2. I always attempt to use a planner, but always forget about it halfway through the year. I need to get into bullet journaling because that’s truly how I go through my day, making lists and checking them off. Love how you put yours together.

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  3. Lor

    I’ve used a traveler’s notebook for the last 3 years. The first year I used it for plans to keep on track and the last 2 years I write every day about what happened. I don’t lead a very busy life, but I love looking back to see what we were up to! Love that you share on your blog, I enjoy stopping in every morning!

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  4. Suse Fish

    Ah, thanks Danie! My husband is big into bullet journaling and uses it to track all of his work commitments. He’s arty, so it looks amazing, but to be honest, I’ve not really got my head around how it works! Thanks for your comment xxx

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  5. Suse Fish

    “Cute & Zen” – such a perfect description! I have a few friends into Happy Planners but it’s something I’ve never tried.
    I did try keeping a Memory Planner for a while, but fell behind and it felt a little too much to try and catch up.
    I noticed that Ali is incorporating a TN into her December Daily for the days when she’s off on a trip: great idea! Those little books are such a handy way to memory keep on the go. x


  6. I use Webster’s Pages new Aspen Green travelers notebook! I had a brown, leather one for a couple years and used it so much, that it was worn and ratty. Now I wish I had thought of recovering it with fabric…
    I just use it to keep track of life and as my wallet. I really don’t have to carry a purse when I have my little book with me.

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  7. Ahh your planner look delicious! I have the same one in a personal size that I love so much that I got it in two colors! I love the dots! Is that a leather-like fabric you covered yours with? I only use my planner to plan on a monthly calendar for important dates and to write out lists. More like a common place book really. It’s not very pretty or anything. I did keep a memory planner for two years and that was nice, but it felt too much like Project Life for me and stressed me out when I fell behind. Other than those memory planners, I never thought to scrap in my more functional everyday planner! I’m going to try out a TN for this upcoming year because I’m so curious, even though my Filofax system works perfectly for me. And if doesn’t work, I can always go back to my beloved rings. Maybe I’ll try to beautify it with some scrappy things and see how I like it! 😀

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  8. Suse Fish

    That sounds like a great plan! I do like the TN trend, but felt the pages were a little too slim for me – plus, I filled up the books too quickly! The covers were too pricey for the long term too.
    But I do enjoy any new thing that encourages us all to get sticking and not worry so much about the results. I think a lot of people – myself included – feel a bit intimidated by a 12×12 these days, as there’s some pressure to make the end result feel like a work of art.
    These days, I just enjoy playing and having fun with the products 🙂
    Let me know how your planning plans work out! xxx


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