Creating craft spaces


I bought this shower organiser home from the dump today. How cute does it look on my desk, all scrubbed up and clean?

And as I stood back and surveyed the organisational magic, the thought occurred to me:

“You change up your workspace a lot, woman.”


And I started wondering if I maybe love creating workspaces, almost as much as I do the scrapbooking itself?

Mr Fish designed this clever desk that attached to the cube unit in our living room when we lived in a two-up-two-down in Cheshire…


… then when we moved into our much larger manse, I made the box room my own. But because I didn’t enjoy being tucked away from the family, I soon moved downstairs.


Kitts and I enjoyed taking over the whole end of the kitchen/diner. We played around with furniture positions a lot, experimenting with desks apart


… and desks together.


Things have felt clean and minimal downstairs…


… then they’ve re-located back upstairs with a slightly ‘more is more’ look.


At times, I’ve wanted to be next to my favourite chair to make tasks like fussy-cutting more enjoyable…


… and at one point, worked exclusively from the comfort of my armchair using a laptop table.


In an extreme experiment in minimalism, I tried working with only what would fit in an Ikea organiser on our dining room table


… then succumbed to the charms of Hobbycraft’s mint trolley and decided I’d like my own little corner again.


And now? Well, now I’m back upstairs with my girl in the box room and enjoying it immensely.


Our kitchen/diner is now a comfy hang-out zone and works really well for my faithscrapper gatherings.

Though who knows how it will all look this time next week – ha!

6 thoughts on “Creating craft spaces

  1. Tina Bentley Johnstone

    Oh this post makes me excited and inspired. We moved into a MUCH smaller house in April but we’ve decided to build an addition asap. (the addition is going to double the size of our little house!) And the killer part for me is that I’m going to have a very large craft room on the third floor, with a wall of windows, looking out onto the forest and the mountain! My husband assures me it’ll all be done in 6 months. I CAN’T WAIT to make it pretty!

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  2. We’re moving from a four bedroom house into a two bedroom apartment this month. Looking forward to organizing a new creative space after the family visits for Thanksgiving. Until then, boxes and bins in tidy stacks will have to do!

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  3. Suse Fish

    Yay for fresh starts and exciting plans for pretty spaces! I rather envy you. Perhaps there’s a career in here for me somewhere… craft space designer… lol xx


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