Scraptherapy process


It’s half term on our little island, which means I’ve had a bit of free time to play around and get filming!


This is a funny little page, as there’s no photo… as Kitty’s now getting stuck into scrapbooking too, we share my 45 freeprints allocation per month, so I’m finding myself running out more quickly.

But I love the page nonetheless. I’ve gone heavy on pretty papers and textures (including my favourite: the thick wax paper that coats my goat’s cheese!)

Hope you enjoy the little video, gang!


6 thoughts on “Scraptherapy process

  1. Suse Fish

    Aw, thanks so much Lor! Yes, she’s doing so well with her creativity, I’m really proud. I love how she watches my friends’ tutorials, then pops off and makes the same thing. She did a great job of Kathleen’s (Scattered Confetti) mini book using just one sheet of 12×12 the other day and is always trying Adele’s techniques

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  2. Lovely process! What I love the most about scrap therapy is that it’s all about the process and not necessarily about the outcome. I sometimes do a page that does t have any photos on it too for that very reason! Still love it!

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