Me right now


A little peek into the Fish household this week…



Good family viewing! The Apprentice, The Great British Bake Off and Strictly Come Dancing – it’s so nice to find shows we all enjoy.



Picked this one up at the charity shop to try and understand all you Millennial babes – not to mention, my daughter as she grows (eek).



A little Project Life-style album of Kitty’s tween years. I picked this album up on eBay for half price, as it’s not perfect.


Listening to

Rob Bell’s Robcast, from the very first episode. I’ve downloaded them all onto my iPod so I can have ‘wisdom on the go’.

His flavour of spirituality suits my ‘more questions than answers’-faith incredibly well.



Volunteering at the local Hospice charity shop. I’m in organising heaven and am loving meeting all the locals – it’s doing me so much good.

This old ladies nightie is going to become a cushion cover: yep, you read that right. Lol.

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