My favourite look


I was watching This Is Us the other day where a teenage character was moaning about her brother:

“I don’t know why he spends so long in the bathroom – he’s like a cartoon character: he only has one look!”

That comment made me smile, as for a while now, I’ve only had one look too.


And as with scrapbooking, when you have a limited stash where everything works with everything else, it takes away all the guesswork.

Here’s how I get dressed, pretty much every single day…


I figure everyday might as well be a favourite comfy jeans and trainers day when you don’t need to get poshed-up for a job; I even wear them to church.

I have a couple of pairs and like to layer them up with soft little dresses.

I buy both jeans and dresses in charity shops or on eBay, so that I’m having a stab at ethical shopping.


I buy long sleeved tops in pretty colours (new – usually Dorothy Perkins) to layer up under my dresses. I like the pop of colour they give.


If it’s warm, I can lose the tee (though it has to be incredibly hot for me to lose the jeans!)


And if it’s chilly, I add a cosy jumper or hoodie.

My shoes are generally mens trainers or Converse boots, as I have size nines and that’s pretty much all that will fit me. (Thankfully, they now make mens trainers in cute colours too)

Oh, and I should just mention: the closer the pattern of my dresses to a Felicity Jane paper, the happier I am…

4 thoughts on “My favourite look

  1. I love your style! Living in Massachusets means that the weather out here is very extreme, so I have to have specific clothes for each season. I think that the New England Autumn that we have is the most similar to the climate in England, which is lovely, as I can pull out my jeans and converse trainers again for a couple of months before the winter sets in 🙂

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  2. Suse Fish

    Ah yes, our British weather tends to be less extreme… though since we’ve moved to this island, things have got more brutal in the winters – the winds here are so strong that people don’t bother buying umbrellas and just wear hoods to protect themselves from the rain!


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