Joy in the journey


Here’s what I’ve discovered: when you collect seaglass every morning for an entire year, your collection gets pretty big, pretty quick.

I now have all sorts of jars filled with the little gems: old fashioned sweetie jars, jam jars, glass water bottles… and they look so beautiful sat on the various windowsills of our manse.


This morning as I wandered and pocketed my little treasures, I had the Robcast playing in my earbuds:

“It is a sacred, holy gift, your life. You have received it from a source… you have received this gift and gratitude is your response. Along with this gift, you’ve been given energy to do something in the world. You have been given life: the Creator has essentially said to you: “Here is your life: what do you want to do with it?”


And it occurred to me: as much as I adore the look of these little pieces of seaglass around my home, what I love most of all about being a seaglass collector, is the act of collecting them.


I love the expansiveness of everything down there on the sand: the cold air on my cheeks, the roar of the waves; the way I sometimes have to skip backwards to avoid getting my feet soaked.

I love spotting the pretty aquamarine lumps nestling amongst the stones.

I love the thrill of finding a really big piece or one that’s a particularly pretty shade of green.


There’s something about being in that moment – alone but not alone, dwarfed by the ocean and yet so tenderly held – that makes my soul thrill with the sheer joy of having the gift of breath in my lungs.

For me, right now is about finding the joy in journey: noticing the right-now little moments of simple peace… and being thankful.