My day on a plate


My favourite breakfast is inspired by a recent mini-break to Liverpool, where the hotel served a gorgeous selection of meats and cheeses with fresh fruit and yoghurt.

I tuck into this while reading a little chunk of a gospel passage.


After my hour’s morning walk, I come home needing a snack with my coffee. I’m largely gluten-free (mainly to keep my daughter company) so eat a lot of these savoury oat biscuits.


Lunch is a salad made of whatever’s in the fridge. I always include some protein (eggs, meat, fish or beans) and something carb-y to fill me up.

I’m a bit odd in that I don’t mind mixing fruit with my savoury meals, so often an apple, pear or some raisins will go in there too.

If I fancy something sweet, I’ll have either dark chocolate or a yoghurt.


I tend to get nibbly again as I’m doing the afternoon school run, so keep one of these rice cake/date bars or a banana in my bag to eat on the way.


Dinner is something straightforward (I’m no cook!), but vaguely healthy. We often have pasta, baked potatoes or salmon.

It can be tricky finding something we all like: Kitty is as fussy as any child and has food sensitivities; Rev. Fish likes his food spicy and I’m a meat-and-two-veg girl…


I seem to need to eat every few hours to keep my blood sugar levels happy (I actually shake when they dip!) so each evening I make another snack to have with a glass of orange juice mixed with fizzy water.

What are your favourite meals? Do make some suggestions for me (if they’re easy, lol!)

2 thoughts on “My day on a plate

  1. Due to allergies we are wheat-free. So, some snacking alternatives we enjoy are rice cakes with almond butter or cream cheese, a nut butter-stuffed celery stick with dried berries on top (in US we call it “ants on a log”), apple wedges with roasted nuts & cheese, GF waffle with nut butter, GF breads, toasted, with cheese. I am dairy sensitive too, so we rotate our snacks. And I love popcorn but try to be careful since I crave it with real butter and sea salt, or covered in caramel! There are lots of prepared sweets that are GF, but they are calorie dense with little protein, so we reserve them for an occasional treat. Sure enjoyed your post!

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  2. Suse Fish

    Ooh, those sound awesome suggestions, thank you so much! ‘Ants on a log’… how to make a delicious snack sound a little grim, lol xx


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