My Scraptherapy week


This week has been fun in my little book: some days I’ve felt like being neat and tidy and others I’ve really wanted to get back to my layered-up layout days.

But that’s the joy of this way of working. As the slogan for Smash books goes, “There’s no right or wrong: just glue in the gladness.”


My coffee cup was the star of this page about deciding to go de-caf… (a good choice as it turns out: I’ve not missed regular coffee once and feel much calmer)


This page had a gentle party feel…


…while I was clearly feeling all about the pink on this day!


A page about my favourite day of the week and our little routine…


… followed by one where I had a bit more time to stitch in front of Strictly Come Dancing.


I traced around the flower label that came on Kitty’s new school shoes for this page…


… then stuck the actual thing on the facing page.

Thanks for joining me today!

8 thoughts on “My Scraptherapy week

  1. Suse Fish

    That’s incredibly kind of you, Doodle! I think I made more of an effort this week, knowing I’d be sharing the results, ha ha. xx


  2. Suse Fish

    Ah, thank you, friend! Yes, I love our Saturdays too. We have an agreement that I’ll happily traipse around Claire’s Accessories, if she’ll come with me to Costa 😉


  3. Beautiful! I’ve been enjoying your flurry of posts recently – it’s so nice to see your delightful photos – guaranteed to cheer me up, even on the greyist of days. Your Saturdays look fun – Strictly is one of the highlights of my week too and who can resist a Costa. 🙂

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  4. Suse Fish

    Aw, thanks so much Elizabeth! I’m so enjoying being back online – albeit only here – and have so many ideas for posts that I’ve got them written well into next week! 🙂 xxx


  5. Oh Suse… that stitched JOY… so pretty! And sharing about your Saturdays… We are in the process of moving. Can’t wait to get back to our “hygge” routines… Saturday lunches with hubby and travelers notebook spreads!

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  6. Suse Fish

    Oh, of course! I so hope the move is going well – praying that all is going smoothly and you’ll soon be back to your more restful routines… sending love! xxx


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