Social media sweet spots


Maybe you’re a social media party girl. Or maybe, like me, you’ve struggled with the whole area so much that you’ve pretty much ditched it.

I suspect that we each have our own different comfort zones when it comes to social media… I wonder which shade of pink best reflects your sweet spot?



You’re a party girl who loves to be where the action is: not one to miss out, your phone is always with you and you don’t mind how often you check it.

Social media for you is a place to let your hair down, make new friends (all around the globe), express yourself and generally have a brilliant time.

For you, it’s time well spent and ideas of addiction either don’t really feature for you, or you’re aware of a few issues, but the benefits far outweigh the costs.


Hot pink

You enjoy your smartphone throughout the day, but like to leave it at home now and then – perhaps when you go out for a walk or it’s date night.

You’ve switched notifications off (and maybe grey-ed your screen) as you were aware that they were stealing your focus.

You also invested in an old-fashioned alarm clock to help you better concentrate on your nighttime read.



You like to keep a close eye on your social media usage, as you’re aware that it can be quite a time-suck.

Your facebook wall is pretty much dormant, other than to share the odd family pic, but you do enjoy hanging out in facebook groups for a limited amount of time – either as a reward at the end of the day or to help you relax.

You bob in and out of instagram, but try to be intentional about any time spent online.


Ballet slipper

You’re aware that social media is an area of struggle for you, but it’s also a part of life that brings you joy, so you’ve taken steps that mean you can still enjoy platforms, but not feel tied to them.

You enjoy scrolling on Instagram once or twice a day, but very rarely post anything yourself, as you were aware that the created ‘online you’ was in danger of becoming more of a focus than the real life version.

You also try to limit your social media use to specific times of the day, ie: mealtimes or after work. Because you take these targets seriously, you’ve installed a timer app and asked your partner to hold you accountable.


Baby pink

You’ve ditched your smartphone and bought a basic brick that just makes calls and sends texts.

Your online activity is limited to your home computer and all social media sites are blocked to avoid temptation.

You acknowledge that although there are great benefits to social media – and feel sad that you’re passing up on so much fun! – you feel healthier without the constant temptation to check and see what you’re missing.

You also don’t miss the mood-dips that seemed to follow social-surfing sessions for you.


What’s your relationship with social media? Do you enjoy it or have concerns around your usage? Do any of the categories above ring bells for you? I’d be keen to hear!


15 thoughts on “Social media sweet spots

  1. I’m a hot pink for sure when it comes to my social media usage, but I don’t struggle with it. I’ve never been really addicted to technology, as I thoroughly and intentionally invest my time in real conversation, but I do make an effort to put my phone away when I’m around others that do struggle [ie. my husband, hint, hint 😉 ] That means when I’d like to come home from work and sit on the couch for 20 minutes of Insta scrolling, I refrain, because it sets an example for my husband that spirals into all night/un-involved technology monster. Sometimes we forget that our actions, even our social media usage, affects those around us.

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  2. Suse Fish

    Gosh Lydia, can I be you when I grow up? Lol. I love your attitude and envy you not getting hooked – I think I may have an addictive personality… xx

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  3. Suse Fish

    That sounds such a balanced place to be! Well done you. I do wish I could be one of the ‘balanced’ sorts, but I’ve tried all sorts of tricks and just find it too compelling. I think being highly introverted and struggling a little in real life may be part of the issue for me xx

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  4. We, all have our struggles…I’ve got a heap of my own, just not that one in particular! Don’t go tootin’ my horn now! I’m glad you’re present here on this little blog…it’s my favorite, and I’m glad to have you back!

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  5. Suse Fish

    It helps not having a job outside of being a housewife! I get to decide my own timetable, so each day when the chores are ticked off, I get to play 🙂 xx


  6. Hi Suse!
    I go on FB and instagram only during my transport to go to work, so half an hour in the morning and evening and that is enough for me. The weekend I do not go almost and I do not miss it at all!
    I too love reading your stories and watching your albums on your blog;)
    Sorry for my english…

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  7. Suse Fish

    Domi, your English is perfect! I love how measured you are in your use of social media – I wish I could be so sensible. I think for me, it’s like having chocolate in the house… if it’s there, I’ll eat the lot. I wish I could be more like my husband who can eat one chocolate each night, then put the box away, lol. xx


  8. FB has taken away the Friend Lists that helped me limit time spent reading thru posts. So, I now look at a much smaller circle of friends and family. Maybe 15 minutes, twice a week now. Otherwise, I use it for work and log off.

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