Me & my girl


I just pinned an old layout on the wall of my craft room. It’s a favourite: loads of colour, loads of layers, loads of fun and very me.

It makes me feel happy every time I go into my little space.


At least, it used to be my little space.

The other day, a little lady decided she wanted to work alongside me, so we shunted her desk into the room too.

Now bear in mind that this box room is about two metres square: it’s cosy!


I no longer have a place to retreat to and indulge myself and I have to pick my podcasts with care.

I can’t concentrate for any length of time and her side of the room always looks like a confetti bomb’s gone off in it.


But you know what? These days are going by so fast and before too long, I know I will look back and my heart will ache for those days when she wanted to hang out with me.

When she wanted to be in the same room as me because that was what made her happy.

And don’t even get me started on how I’ll feel thinking about these days when she asks what I’m wearing because she wants to wear the exact same outfit.

Jelly: I’m already jelly.

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