All good things


About four years ago, an English girl sat at her kitchen table with an American Crafts scrapbooking kit she’d just bought from ebay. The album was small and covered in fabric and inside the box were cute cardboard shapes and stickers: so many good things!

She had no clue what she was doing, but grabbed some photos and started pasting them into the book, adding the embellishments here and there where she thought they looked nice.

And it was good. Really, really good.


Before too long, the girl was grinning from ear to ear. Because this was the thing she’d been looking for – her sweet spot! That thing she would never want to stop doing.


Fast-forward a few years – a few hundred scraplifts, about a *million* closely-watched Two Peas In a Bucket tutorials (thanks Wilna and Stephanie!) and the honour of places on several truly inspirational Design Teams (and seriously fabulous offers from others) – and this scrapbooker is still madly in love.


And she’s super proud of all the good things that she’s achieved. But we each follow a path and the trick is listening out for that next right step.

Sometimes one path jumps out as being the best for us personally: the best for us to flourish and live at our most peaceful, whole and healthy.

For me, the next right thing feels like it’s to step back from ‘professional’ scrapbooking and create purely for the joy of it.


My path is leading me away from all things online – a highly addictive area for me (these past few weeks of ‘social media cold-turkey’ have been tougher than I *ever* would have imagined).

I’ve always enjoyed looking out for beautiful soundbites to tell my story online. But that virtual  identity became too much of a focus – I clearly sensed God whispering that He’d like my heart back.


The Bible says to, “Seek peace and pursue it,” (Psalm 34:14): a tricky calling when the thrill of a new notification is – for me – as exhilarating as a shot of pure caffeine!

But it’s all good: I know from experience of God’s faithfulness and goodness that He only ever asks for what ultimately proves to be really good for me.


My Instagram feed and public youtube channel will both wind up at this point.

They have been enormous fun to curate and I’m *incredibly* proud of all the good things that I’ve created on each platform (and yes: I’ll be leaving it all up there this time!)

I’ll also be stepping down from any further Design Team work.


So sweet friends.

I wanted to fill you in on where I’m at, because – well, you’re a terrific bunch and you’ve been so incredibly kind and supportive to me over the years.

So thank you for being such a good-hearted community and thank you for joining me in the love of all things sugar-hued, spotty and black-and-white striped (I’ll always be Felicity Jane’s number one fangirl!)


So, yes: some good things are coming to an end.

But for me as a creative, it’s more of a switch of motivation, form and pace – and I will never, ever stop calling myself a scrapbooker.

I don’t think anyone in their right mind walks away from a love affair this life-affirming… because there’s good – and then there’s *good*.