Tutorial: FJ Jeana wall art


With it’s cosy, homely theme, August’s stunning Felicity Jane kit, ‘Jeana’ is perfect for projects that capture what home means to you.

Here I’ll show you how incredibly simple it is to create a truly beautiful piece of art for your wall…


Step 1: source a ‘multi-aperture’ photo frame

I wonder if you already have one of those photo frames with the various squares cut out of the mount board, ready to slot your photos into? Well, start by popping the glass off and working directly onto the backing sheet.

Pull out all your favourite papers and embellishments from the kit and find a couple of photos that make you smile every time you look at them.


Step 2: think about colours and patterns

The first decision to make is the arrangement of your papers. Try to mix them up so that solids, patterns and black and white prints each have plenty of breathing room.

Think about the decor and vibe of the room in which you’d like your artwork to hang: mine was designed to go in my little relaxation den, so I wanted a gentle, zen-like vibe.

Trim your papers to rectangles slightly bigger than the frame aperture, then tape them to the backing paper using double-sided tape.


Step 3: place your photos down

Once your pretty papers are in place, you can play around and work out where you’d like your photos to go.

You might like a photo in each rectangle, or just one or two, to let those Felicity Jane prints really shine.

If you plan to replace the glass in your frame, use normal tape to secure the photos; if you’re happy for your artwork to have no glass, you can go to town with the foam pads and dimension!


Step 4: embellish!

Next comes the fun part and the August Jeana kit makes this stage incredibly easy, as it is packed full of very beautiful embellishments.

The trick here is to keep things balanced, so I’d suggest looking at your artwork as one piece, rather than working on each rectangle in turn.

Very often, less is more and individual embellishments can really shine when they’re applied with plenty of visual space around them.


And that’s it – a beautiful, personal piece of artwork to pop on the wall in your home which will make you smile each and every time you pass it.

I hope you feel inspired to give making your own artwork a try: be sure to tag us #felicityjane if you do!

Find supplies used here: August Felicity Jane ‘Jeana’ kit

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