Dear younger me


Hello: it’s the older version of you!

I won’t show you a photo or you’ll freak out, because guess what? You get old and wrinkly too. Sorry: something of a spoiler alert, there.


I did just want to bob in and drop you a few lines though… not so much so you’ll do things differently – because we make the choices we make and they make us who we are – but more as a handful of things for you to ponder.

Or not – whatever. You’re probably watching busy Friends and mainlining Crunchy Nut Cornflakes. That’s cool.


And yes, I do apologise, but when we get old we do start using phrases like ‘things to ponder’ and ‘that’s cool’. We also like gardening and watching Escape to the Country, but I won’t worry you about those details right now.

So: first things first. God.

Only one thing I’d say there really, and that’s that it doesn’t need to be so hard. He just loves you so much. And all He wants is that you smile back at Him occasionally.


Relationships: you’re on your own there babe, but don’t forget to let yourself off the hook for those daft decisions you make. And boy, are some of them daft, you fruitloop! But you live and you learn, and all those good things.

Ooh, now this one might prove useful, so put down your spoon: you’re an introvert. Look it up – read about it… it’s the reason for a lot of your struggle and why you shouldn’t feel the need to force yourself into as many torturous situations as you do.

It’s how God made you and it’s okay to be that way. It actually gives you loads of gifts… and I’d push into those if I were you.


Okay, body shape: it is what it is, hun, and it all works, so if I were you, I wouldn’t waste quite so much time wishing it was different.

In fact, on that note, try to focus a little less on you. Like mum always used to say as we struggled to get changed under our towel on the beach, “No one’s even looking at you!” And I hate to break it to you, but 99% of the time, they’re really not, even when the whole social media* thing happens.

(* you eventually find your way with that one, too)


Which leads me to… getting outside.

Kid, we were never going to be sporty, but daylight is where it’s at for you. Getting out into the world – even if it’s down to the corner shop – and being amongst people, dogs, nature… it directs your thoughts away from you and we need that so badly.


And finally: scrapbooking. Look it up as I know you don’t even know what it is right now, but ditch the watercolour classes and the attempts at Graphic Design.

What brings you alive is cutting and sticking – and you can do it cheaply with real bits of scrap paper too.


So babe: keep on keeping on.

Be you, bravely.

Walk in the way He has planned for you and trust Him, because He’s good. I love you and guess what? You’re going to love you too before too long, so hang on in there.

Love, Older You. xxx

p.s Get a cat sooner


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