Minimalist scrapbooking tips


Have you ever craved a really minimalist stash, where you keep only your very favourite scrappy supplies and have them organised and to hand when the scrapping bug strikes?

Or perhaps the required strictness of this idea makes you shudder? Well, either way, here’s a peek into my method of working in this super-simple, pared-back way…


Let’s dive straight into the practicalities: what are the pared-down scrappy essentials and how do we keep things this way?


Tip one: 
Only buy what you love

For me, this means the elegant simplicity of a monthly Felicity Jane kit.

But other options might include a limited monthly shop on items that really excite you. Buying a few items from a collection that grabs you can be a really good option – but only buy what you know you will use.

Tip two:
Limit your colour palette

Maybe you pick brights. Or maybe you land in the pastel camp. But it’s a lot easier to own less when you know which sort of colours you’re more likely to gravitate towards when you sit down to work.


Tip three:
Organise your stash according to type

With a more minimal stash, you can keep papers together (back of Ikea organiser box, with paper trimmer, letter stickers & photos), die-cuts in another container, and smaller embellishments in another.

That way, it’s all there on hand, ready for you to be inspired by – like a little tray of delicious sweets, ready to be rifled through and chosen from!


Tip four:
Be honest about what you really use

Sure, it’s easy to end up with thirty washi tapes because they’re so cheap, but which ones do you really love and use regularly? For me, it genuinely comes down to two. Yep: two.


Tip five:
Think camping-style when it comes to tools

When we go camping, we take only what we know we’ll use, and then only one of each item for each person on the trip.

In the same way, I’ve found that one brush, one journalling pen, one pencil, one stapler and one pair of scissors tends to have most my scrappy needs covered.


Tip six:
Gift most of your stamps to a place where they will be used

I pull my very favourite stamps from their packages to keep and use to bits: the extras go to my scrapbooking group or gifted to friends, where I know they will be used and enjoyed so much more.


Tip seven:
Work wherever you like to hang out

There’s no desk or scrap room required for this pared-back way of working, because everything packs away so easily.

Just pick a spot – the kitchen table or a tray on your knees – and relax into your hobby wherever the light is best or where your kids are… or aren’t, lol.


7 thoughts on “Minimalist scrapbooking tips

  1. Great advice but, to be totally frank, I’m anything but a minimalist when it comes to my crafting stash. However, I am trying to be and hope to pare it down over the coming months or, more likely, years!

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  2. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: minimalist goals! XD Though, inspired by your stash Suse, I did do a purge of supplies that I knew I was never going to use because they weren’t my colors or didn’t fit my style anymore. I’ve given away quite a bit of it, but I still have two boxes that I’m planning on donating to some of my teacher friends. I’ve also just been buying things that I absolutely love and fit with what I’ve got and know I’ll use, but even that has been few (my wallet is very grateful for this!). It’ll take some time for a hoarder like me to scale down, but I know it’s possible! I love these tips and thank you for sharing them! xx

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  3. Great ideas. I especially need to take to heart having one of each tool. I am starting to find as I am going more and more minimal that I don’t feel like I NEED everything in my local shop. Having less is proving to be more freeing.

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  4. Shari's Scrappy Shares

    Ok, real question…where you ever not like this with your supplies or have you always been this in control? I ask because for me (and I think many of us) though these tips are awesome, I’m no where close to being able to look at one box of supplies. So if you have ever had more and then started this process it would be so very helpful to know where on Earth to begin at a much higher level and figure out how to get even Closer to here. Lol. 😊


  5. I really enjoyed this post because I have been striving toward this…I sometimes have FOMO though caused by social media. Any tips on how to apply minimalism to the overwhelming amount of social media stimulation?


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