100 Days of Scraptherapy


100 Days: way-hey!


How did you find it, gang? Did it stretch you creatively? Did you enjoy having that little time for you each day to get creative and express your thoughts?

And perhaps the most interesting question of all: would you do it all again next year?

3 thoughts on “100 Days of Scraptherapy

  1. I loved participating int this 100 day scrap therapy process. I’m actually amazed with myself that I was able to keep up with all 100 days. That is a big deal as it taught me that 1.) I can do it and 2.) that I can fit in bits bits of time needed to do something creative each day. I looked forward to those bits of time each day. YES! I would do it again. Thanks, Suse for suggesting this and making a place for this community of scrap therapy. I enjoyed seeing the amazing work of others posting after they’ve completed a scrap therapy session. Very talented people.

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