My go-to scrapbook designs


White cardstock? Check. Pastel-hued papers? Check. Suse Fish go-to designs? Coming right up…

1. Bring on the black

There’s no page a hit of black paint can’t improve… imho! If you’re nervous, do the splatters before anything else.

2. Sugary minimalist

How much white page do you dare to leave? This one’s trickier than it looks, as each item that gets chosen needs to be *just* the right one.

3. Explosion at the Haribo factory

My favourite way of working I think! Just pull out everything from your stash that makes you smile, then stick it down. Happy happy happy.

4. Wannabe Wilna

The key to this look is to take your time. Play around with the background, then let it dry. Then play some more. While that’s drying, sit and fussy-cut something for half an hour. Ooh, and don’t forget to layer, layer layer.

5. I like big titles and I cannot lie…

Don’t let not having cutting software stop you from enjoying the paper-piecing trend. Invest in a craft knife and a mat and just give it your best shot… and don’t forget: perfection is way over-rated.

6. When you love *all* the papers

Got a kit where you adore the whole thing and want to use it all? Go for it! Those papers are designed to work together, so let your favourite paper designer take all the guess-work out of it for you.

7. Scruffy grid

This is my go-to when I’m a bit stuck or pressed for time. Because you can’t go wrong with a sweet little grid, can you? My only tip with this design is to follow the grid at first, then break the rules wherever you feel like it later on.

8. Never enough butterflies

Butterfly/leaf/floral page top tips: cut the shapes long before you want to make your page (the careful part of your creative brain is required for the technical bit!) Then when you want to make your page, let the creative juices run wild: layer-up, twist threads, add paperclips, bits of letter stickers, vellum, packaging… so much fun and so pretty.

9. Crush on a journalling card

One card that leaps out at you from your kit? Don’t lose it in your Project Life, make a star of it, bang in the middle of your layout.

10. In stitches (ho ho)

Takes time and leaves your fingertips sore, but looks so sweet and like you’ve really tried. Pathetic to say, but if you’re going for impressing the crowds (hey, we’ve all been there) stitching will bring in the ‘likes’ like nobody’s business. Just don’t prick your finger and bleed all over the page – it’s never a good look.

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