Pocket page crushing


How are you guys working right now, I wonder?

Layouts? Art journalling? Bible journalling, mini albums or pocket pages? Or maybe a glorious mixture of everything?


I’m very much in a pocket page-place at the moment, I must admit.

I’m still documenting all my feelings and thoughts in my ‘scrap-as-therapy’ style, but recently I’ve been feeling like I need my pages to be a little larger to more easily accommodate everything I want to include.


I think because I like a clean, bright aesthetic, I’ve perhaps been feeling the need for a little more space in which to work. Because there are times when all I want a pocket to do is look beautiful (cue literally *any* Felicity Jane paper cut to journalling card size, lol)

I also love these pockets – for the reason I actually once rather disliked them as a bit of an eco-chick – being plastic, you wouldn’t want to throw them away.

As a minimalist who would probably give Marie Kondo a run for her money, working in a format that’s not easily slung in the recycling bin actually forces me to make something so lovely that I will want to treasure it forever.


And with more emphasis on real life activity these days (as opposed to online), I’m finding that leaving my page on my desk with everything within reach means that I can work in the gaps between my daily commitments.

When I have a free half an hour (or as a treat for some mind-numbingly boring ironing!) I settle down and get stuck in. I take my time, treasuring the moments and choosing each item really carefully – sometimes so slowly that the same page can sit on my desk for the entire week, very gradually taking shape.

The process calms me like a charm every single time!

Even just spelling out the reminder, “It’s okay” in pretty letter stickers, helps my fretful heart to rest and remember that – thankfully! – it doesn’t all depend on me.

How are you working right now? I’d love to hear!

3 thoughts on “Pocket page crushing

  1. Hi Suse! These pocket page layouts are so lovely! I’ve been in a purge and prep mode, only completing the Reset Girl monthly challenges. This slower approach, like yours, gives me time to play, reflect and not feel pressured. With full time employment and family obligations, that’s enough for now, but I am prepping for some serious scrapping by the end of July!

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